Ultra Marathon Destinations by Continent

A traditional, local marathon can be a tough challenge, but if you would like to experience a truly epic event, try ultra marathon races. Not for the faint-hearted, these races are specifically designed to test your strength. The greatest part is that the ultra scene is really diverse. Just think mountain, track, trail, and road ultra marathon races, with some of those featuring cross-county or 24-hour runs. There are also so many factors that can change from race to race including the altitude, distance, and terrain. Even with their unpredictable nature, these types of international events are essentially a win-win. Such global races can greatly challenge your mind and body while enabling you to see an interesting part of the world. Due to the unique nature of ultra marathons, these invigorating races aren't typically going to occur on easy terrain and great climates, though. After all, they aren't called ultra marathons for nothing. If you're looking for a challenge like never before, sign up for a tough ultra marathon by using this ultra marathon list. Here are some of the best ultra marathons around the globe.

Ultra Marathon Destinations by Country

For those who enjoy running extremely hard marathons, there may be an ultra runner inside of you that can't wait to be unleashed, especially if you can imagine running for 20, 40, or 80 miles. Most people would think that extreme long distance running would be crazy, but for true ultra marathon runners, these tough races are adventures that are extremely hard to resist. Does the thought of running steep climbs sound fun? How about participating in an event with extreme humidity? Many runners love the never-seen-before challenge and unpredictability of ultra marathons primarily because anything can occur in the final couple of miles. Can you imagine being on track to win a race and then suddenly getting lost? Or, running right next to a poisonous snake? When participating in these challenging races, it's important to expect the unexpected. There probably will be some hiccups during the race, regardless of where you are running. Whether you would like to run in one of the coldest or hottest regions of the world, there is definitely an ultra marathon for you. Check out these great ultra marathon list organized by countries.