Full Marathon Destinations by Continent

With over 4,500 choices for marathons around the world, distance runners have the perfect excuse to travel. Marathon destinations are on seven continents, so you could literally run around the world. You may base your race choices on locations you have always wanted to see or hidden gems that will introduce you to something new and exciting. Marathons take place in both urban and rural areas, from Paris to the Sahara. The marathon list includes locations on beaches and through cities. You may find yourself on a sand dune, on a jungle safari or running across a glacier Marathons give you the opportunity to run in new places, meet new friends and see breathtaking sights in a way no others can. Runners can experience the beauty of nature, the wonders of history and the triumph of the human spirit in only 42.195 km.

Full Marathon Destinations by Country

It is easy to find your next marathon when you look through our marathon catalogue. We showcase a marathon list that will take you throughout the world; infusing your run with culture and excitement. Run in Europe, where you can experience the fjords in Norway, the Swiss Alps or run across London Bridge. In Africa you can experience untouched nature in Kenya, the deserts of Morocco or the booming metropolis of Johannesburg. Asia brings marathon destinations like Singapore, Cambodia, Israel and more. Australia and other Oceanic countries offer truly diverse experiences, from runs along the Gold Coast to the islands of French Polynesia. If you are interested in the Americas, you don't have to look far to find the marathon that is just right for you. Choose to run through the Amazon, trek the Andes, island hop in the Caribbean or brave the cold of Canada. Each and every one of these locations are bucket list destinations and marathons that cannot be forgotten.