Half Marathon Destinations by Continent

No matter where you want to do a half marathon, you have a selection of choices on all the continents. What matters most is what will fulfill your own dreams and make you fall in love with running half marathons. People like to run races in other countries because of the new experience it offers them, and because they can meet new friends in the process. You will never experience anything like running a half marathon, except perhaps running a full marathon. Let's have a look at the half marathon list to highlight some of the best runs.

Half Marathon Destinations by Country

Some people run to raise funds for good causes, some run because of other benefits that come with marathons like pushing your limit and learning how to endure suffering. In many ways, marathon running develops into a metaphor for life. Doing a half marathon in another country can add to the fun and memories of marathon runs. Whether you want to run through the streets of Taipei or do a half marathon in Mexico, you have plenty of choices. This half marathon list will look at the different half marathon destinations and what adds to the mystique of running in these places.