North American Marathons The Greatest Runs On Earth!

North American Marathons The Greatest Runs On Earth!

When it comes to diversity in both population and countryside, North America is full of adventure, beauty, and boundless sprawling plains. The number of North American marathons is vast as are the options available to find the perfect fit for your running aspirations. Whether you are a novice runner or a seasoned athlete looking to cover sea to shining sea, North America offers runs of every caliber, style, and challenge. From a mountain trailblazer to a coastal shoreline marathon, the possibil ... Continue Reading

Things To Think About


Visa What is your visa situation? Entry into the United States is not always easy!


Documentation You will need specific documentation to enter the US. Plan ahead to make the trip overseas easier


Time Zones There are six different times zones in the US. Know which one you are traveling to so you can calculate the time difference correctly


Transportation Don’t assume that public transportation will be readily available. It isn’t in most places. Consider whether you need to rent a car


Insurance Does your health insurance cover your travels? Going to the doctor in the US is very expensive

Which challenge are you going to impart on for your marathon North America event?

Regardless of your age, your fitness level, or what your particular tastes are, the perfect marathon North America event is out there. If you are looking for more than just a race, the Rock 'n' Roll series might be the perfect destination.

Taking place in some of the most fun cities in America, the atmosphere is more like a festival than a race. A great vacation getaway, consider attending the marathon event in Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, or any of the other awesome locations. Designed to entertain the seasoned marathoner to the novice crowd, come for the race and stay for the fun!

For the heavy competitor, the Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon are races that are so popular you have to qualify to participate. If you intend to make either event, you will have to fight your way in by finding a marathon that counts as a qualifier.

The Big Sur International is one of the most scenic races anywhere on earth. Make your way along the California coastline with spectacular views abound, or for the true warrior who is looking for more than just a 26.2 mile, 42.2-kilometer race, the Rim Rock Run covers over 53 peaks of mountain terrain.

Participants are forced to

conquer high-altitudes

, winding roads, and sandstone formations to cross the finish line. America is a diverse country with endless scenery sprawling from coast to coast. Whatever it is that drives you to run a marathon, enhance your inspiration by finding the right event today.

Good to Know


The US is one of the few countries that doesn’t use the metric system, so be prepared to convert


Tipping is considered a must in America for just about everything from carrying someone’s bags to opening the door for someone


The taxi cab is a nearly a thing of the past. Uber is the way to go!


Driving in the US is very regimented, so make sure you know the rules of the road if you decide to rent a car


If you have an emergency while visiting, dial 911 for help

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